You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.

Recently on a walk down the never ending metro link at Dubai Mall, I heard a young vibrant woman say “ You should see the suits and heels that they wear. It’s so fascinating. I’d love to work for PwC”.

So never mind that working for one of the Big 4, this young lady was clearly in awe of the people who worked there. And my hunch is that her dream might come true one day because you can have everything you want if you know how to dress for it. Perception is everything. And the way you dress speaks volumes so always dress to impress.

You don’t have to spend lots of money to dress well. On the contrary, getting your professional attire made to measure is far more cost effective than buying designer suits from Zara man or Hugo Boss. It also doesn’t mean running to Saville Row and getting a Kingsman suit stitched. That said Saville Row in Dubai offers the same classy service but at a fraction of the price. And ladies, there’s nothing stopping you from getting your professional attire made to measure either. Whilst LK Bennet and Ralph Lauren are exquisite providers of formal shirts and tops, buying an off the shelf suit is really not their cup of tea.

My personal experience reveals that a timeless wardrobe rather than a flashy expensive one means you’ll have something for almost every scenario you might encounter in life. Whether it’s a job interview, a board level meeting, a casual drink with a friend, a family gathering or simply a chance encounter with the woman/man you fall in love with. You’ll soon realise the dividends of a well-thought out wardrobe. Buy it once, mix and match it and you’ll find it will still be around 5, 10 and even 20 years later.

Buying the best quality of material you can afford is key to making your wardrobe last longer, and having it tailored to your size will give you an air of confidence. And a classic cut will mean you won’t have to keep buying the latest fashion trend.

Getting professional help from people who understand fabrics, style and take accurate measurements. Invest some time in understanding fabrics yourself. Knowing the difference between a lamb’s wool sweater and a cotton mix will be evident after your boss looks at you curiously wondering where the bits of fluff on his white carpet are coming from. If you want it to last longer and look brand new 20 years later, it might be best to know your woollens!

The time you spend on grooming yourself is a clear indicator of how much time you’re going to spend on the contract you’re about to lose if you look half-done. Rather than spending time hiding your rather tatty looking shirt cuffs, invest some time into choosing a cuff that will last longer and looks crisp for the next 10 years. And yes, you really can choose the type of cuffs you want for your shirt. You can choose your collar style and even the cut. All it takes is a bit of looking around you…. and then at the mirror.



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