Marriage- Before and After

One should always be in love, that’s why one should never marry.

That’s what they all say right? Marriage is the end of the romance and the hot sex. I’m not here to judge whether marriage is the end of romance. I’m more interested in clearing the common verbal iteration about “ Before we got married you used to…”

When you decide to spend your whole life with someone, what were you thinking? That you could keep things in their proper place? Who defines what the proper place is for something anyway. Or was it that, you want to wake up next to this amazing person every day but you forgot to add “ on condition you make the bed everyday”. Sure, you said you can’t wait to spend each day together, but boy does that sound like an eternity. But of course, that’s before you got married right…..

Before you got married, it was all hearts and roses. You got to dinners on time, you didn’t forget to pick up the roses on the way and you always complimented the hot outfit. Now it’s more about the grocery shopping and whose turn it is to take the rubbish out. But hey, guess what? You’re married now and one thing they forget to tell you about marriage is that, you BOTH need to run a household too! Who knows it could be romantic daring each other to take out the rubbish in their most scandalous attire? You’ll be hoping it’s your turn every day. Who said you only had to look hot at dinners. Whilst I am personally a fan of PJ’s and I firmly believe that they should make them socially acceptable to wear outdoors, there’s nothing stopping you from making the same effort you would make on a dinner date after you’re married.

Romance is breaking out into a cheesy grin when you see your beloved come into sight yet suddenly when they step in through the door after a hard days’ work all you want them to do is hang up their clothes and eat their dinner. Once upon a time, late nights and curfew seemed to come round so quickly and now, you can’t wait till lights out.

I do concede however, that it’s usually the women amongst us who become the “wifey” type because we’re so fixated on having that perfect marriage and we have these expectations of the ideal husband, which of course didn’t exist before we were married. So ladies, it’s time to realise that it’s okay to be the girlfriend after the marriage too. And boys, it’s okay to be a little bit more husband like as women find a responsible man quite endearing.

One should always be in love….even when one decides to get married.


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