Because I think I am good enough

It’s quite sad how we’re limited to showcasing our talent through a one page CV and are left at the perils of an HR professional to make a decision that could forever change our lives.

I recently submitted an application to one of the world’s best creative agencies. The problem is that I don’t have any agency experience so what use was sending a CV that wouldn’t resonate with them. Instead, I answered the statement in their email ID that is:

A lot of “Great Interview Skills’ books will probably tell you how to answer this question but in my personal experience I don’t think there is a set of perfect skills or qualifications that you can leverage to answer that question. My simple recommendation would be to answer the following question:

“What is my greatest imaginable challenge.” If you can identify what you were put on this planet to do and your journey so far has been in the general direction of achieving it (it’s okay to take a few wrong turns) I think you can certainly articulate why you think you are good enough.

For example my greatest imaginable challenge is to give everyone I know at least 3 lasting conversation topics that relate to my achievements either because I broke some sort of tradition or status quo or because they didn’t think I could do it or because it was simply that brilliant. Now think about conveying your greatest imaginable challenge to the hiring manager and tell them I’m good enough because I’ve done x number of things to achieve it. Finally, ask them what their organisation’s greatest imaginable challenge is and see if you can help them achieve it. If you can then you’re good enough.

If you’re struggling to achieve your greatest imaginable challenge, may I suggest that you take the following approach? Identify the names of three people you would write down and the advice they would give you if you could only have three people to keep you on track. In theory their combined advice should help you focus on what you really need to do in achieving your greatest imaginable challenge. Even if your greatest imaginable challenge at present is to land that dream job.

Everyone is good at something. Don’t let a CV take that away from you. Just be clear in answering why you think you are good enough. And if you’re really special then drop the conventional ways of applying especially if you’re going a for a creative role.


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