Making a Difference!

20130802_171028Altruism is the caveat we prescribe ourselves when we realize the scales of greed have tipped over, in the face of the visceral needs of our consumerist existence. It could be the self-condemnation, or in rare cases, even the Samaritan in us that exhibits the philanthropic side of us. But at some redefining moment, whilst paying no heed to the naysayers, we all indulge in a little bit of charity from time to time.

Then again, doing something doesn’t always have to be the mammoth task our grey cells portray it to be or deplete our valuable savings. If you have an idea to help someone, or the opportunity to help a fellow homo sapien in need, it doesn’t necessarily have to take up all of your precious time. The key to getting the ball rolling is to make sure every Tom, Dick, and Harry agrees with your vision to be on the same page. Now this could be the tricky part! Not the same book, not the same chapter but the same page. But this is the exact opportune moment where your limited efforts can trigger a powerful motion, which has the seamless potential to ripple shockwaves across ethnic and geographic boundaries.

If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, then a momentary capture of a destitute being is but sure enough to render any soul speechless. Perhaps a video, if you harbor a creative bug like me, which can bring audiences to tears or, quite simply, a few articulate phrases that hit the right spot. Whichever medium suits you best, is the right choice for you; a choice that can move mountains. When the philanthropic side in me awoke exactly a year ago, the first thirty days were perhaps the most disappointing with barely a few trusted friends being made aware. A couple of re-posts and re-tweets later, the simple ‘idea’ but spiraled out of control especially once the masses started noticing ‘it’ on everyone’s social page. And the innate human desire to a part of ‘it’ triggered the most outrageous event I’d ever been a part of, let alone originated.


The idea was simple: to help those less privileged than those who are better off than 75% of the world (supported by a study that verifies if you the basic amenities). But then again, people will only move out of their comfort zone if they feel it worth the effort. And worthy they felt indeed: everyone got to be a part of the campaign, and go the clandestine opportunity to share the feel-good factor. Needless to say, over a thousand people benefited from the philanthropic venture, with over nine thousand deliverables distributed through the volunteers and contributors themselves. With all intent and purpose, is isn’t that we donate alms because we want to, but we’d rather make a real difference by seeing for ourselves our efforts materializing, but only to reach and change the lives of the end consumer.

Check out what Coca Cola did to make people smile.

So put your idea out there, and spend some frustrating time on one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread = social media. And I promise, you will definitely reach the point where you’re but forced to think: “How did this happen?”


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